about me

A wordsmith with a passion for communicating the magic of what you do.

Hi! Liya (lee-ya) here! I’m a writer with more than a decade of professional experience. With a diverse range of writing projects under my belt, I have developed a keen understanding of writing for various industries including music production, filmmaking, the culinary arts, hotels, nonprofits, and more.  

I’m also a wordsmith who believes in the power of words to captivate, arouse the senses, and inspire action.  

I work to ensure every piece of writing I produce reflects the right tone, ethos, values, and vision of the businesses and organizations I support. 

I can deliver great work with minimal oversight however, I thrive on collaboration and engaging with passionate individuals who are really into what they do. By hearing your unique story and learning more about the why that motivates what you do, I can craft copy and content that connects and converts. 

I’m dedicated to building strong working relationships that foster creativity, trust, and success.