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As a copywriter with an eye for detail and an ear for tone, I’m an expert at helping businesses like yours say and show what they’re about with engaging content. I want to know more about your business, get to the heart of why you do what you do and how you do it. I then take that insight and use it to craft compelling copy that has vigor and voice and differentiates you from the rest.

While business owners and managers certainly know what their companies do, oftentimes they’re unaware of the real appeal or upside achieved by those who use their products or services.

For this reason, I adore the time I spend in my outsider role “discovering” your business in exactly the same way a customer, client, or potential partner would. I record this experience and report back to you. From there, I get in closer to better understand your business or organization’s ethos, culture, and practices. The opportunities I find during my experiential audit often increases the business’s bottom line, improves morale, and reveals key differentiators that really and truly set your brand apart from the rest.

Because Writing Well Requires Knowing What You Do and Why You Do It!

Exploration is the foundation of crafting compelling copy people want to read.

What’s remarkable about your brand in particular?  What differentiates you from your competitors? Is it your exceptional customer service, a revolutionary software product, or a B2B content management system that’s years ahead of anything else on the market?

By reading through your website, researching the competitors and conducting short but in-depth interviews with you and key members of your team, I begin to catch all those key aspects that give your business its distinctive culture, ethics, motivations, and feel. I cannot overstate the power of good, productive conversations with a business’s owners and managers as a means to composing great copy. Oftentimes, much of what makes a company truly exceptional can be found in the matter of fact statements and offhanded remarks that come up during these conversations. Beyond the canned pitches and one-liners is something brilliant, an “unknown known” just beneath the surface. I help find it and bring it to lightwith words.

Because Building Bridges is More Effective than Playing Darts in the Dark

I build bridges between the unique value your product or service has to offer and what people are searching for on the web. My knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), enables me to see just what people are looking for and to write copy that addresses those needs directly. It’s sad that so many advertising and business writers know little to nothing about SEO. Even their best efforts tend to be off-target, like playing darts in the dark. Today, targeting one’s market is hardly ever guesswork. Once your key markets are defined, I align with you and your team to devise and implement a working plan for fresh, informative content that hits the right tone, builds trust, and boosts your brand’s image. By looking at the competitive landscape for your particular business, I can help deduce which alternatives are best suited to meet your needs in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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