Dark Chocolate

Call it the Mata Hari of chocolate brownies. Dark as night and depth-defyingly rich, only the most committed chocolate lovers dare mess with this femme fatale. Made from a blend of 3 dark chocolates, this sophisticated brownie is not for the faint of heart.

Blueberry Lemongrass

Nicknamed “bluegrass” thanks to its invigorating, uplifting appeal, this brownie harmonizes tangy blueberry with refreshing Thai lemongrass making it a never-before-flavor that tastes just a little like sunshine.

Honey Almond Nougat

Made with delicious homemade honey almond nougat, this moist brownie pops with a chewy-yet-at-the-same-time-crunchy goodness that will have you thinking anything is possible.

Roasted Strawberries & Cheesecake

Sexy fire roasted strawberries and luscious cheesecake baked into our classic brownie make for a ménage à trois that has scandal written all over it.

Super Food

Nicknamed the “trailblazer brownie” loaded with super food—blueberries, goji berries, oats, maca powder and ground flaxseed— this brownie will have you packing your parka as you trek down a trail all your own.

Lemon Meringue-Candied Lemon

Homemade chunks of candied lemons baked into brownie batter melded with lemon meringue create one diva of a brownie—shocking, shameless, and just a little sweet.


The muses of the Old World have inspired this creation of traditional brownie interspliced with layer upon layer of gloriously flaky traditional Greek baklava. It’s a sensation that’s really Classic with a capital “C.”

Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter meet up again, but this time it’s even better! Our fabulous brownie is swirled with peanut butter, then baked and topped with a perfect homemade peanut butter cookie crust. Peanut butter aficionados might as well call this their new BFF.


You won’t find this at your local coffeehouse. Whole home-roasted espresso beans are expertly fragmented into big chunks and baked into our high quality espresso-laden brownie batter. The result? A complex array of chocolate and espresso followed by serious crunch and the taste of dark, rich coffee bean. And… YES THESE ARE CAFFEINATED!

Rose Petal-White Chocolate-Cardamom

With rose petals, white chocolate, and cardamom, this confection tastes like a dream of an Indian princess stealing away in the dead of night to meet her Belgian lover.